Thursday, June 7, 2018

Can't Import GoPro Hero5 Footage into iMovie- The Solutions

When I try to import some 4K video clips from GoPro Hero5 into the editing software iMovie on Mac, however the iMovie 11 won't import the GoPro MP4 video files. They play fine on Quicktime Player on the Mac, but iMovie refuses to import them. So I goole the question like can't import GoPro Hero5 footage into iMovie online, some positive solutions pop up:

Solution 1. Use QuickTime Pro 7
Convert GoPro files with QuickTime Pro 7 into QuickTime format file. Good luck. iMovie can import the output .mov videos. But it takes long time. And it cost so much quality.

Solution 2. Transcode GoPro Hero5 4K Videos to AIC for iMovie
As far as we know, iMovie natively supports limited video/audio formats as input, among them, Apple InterMediate Codec(*.mov) should be one of the best choice. So I try the convert GoPro Hero5 4K Videos to iMovie edit-friendly format via third party video converter. To finish the task, Brorsoft Video Converter for Mac is highly recommended here.

With this Gopro 4K video converter, you can effortlessly transcode Gopro Hero5 4K MP4 to AIC MOV, which will create an iMovie friendly file format keeping the original 4k quality or downsize 4K to 1080p as you want. Besides, this software can also export DNxHD for Avid, MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro/Element, ProRes for Final Cut Pro and more NLE systems for native editing.


Step 1. Import Gopro Hero 5 4K MP4
Install and launch the GoPro 4K Video converter and load source GoPro Hero 5 4K video clips to it. This video converter supports batch conversion.

Step 2. Select AIC as output format
Click the “Format” bar to select output format “iMovie and Final Cut Express > Apple Intermediate Codec(AIC) (*.mov)” as the best compatible video format for editing 4K in iMovie.

Step 3. Start the conversion
Tap the “Convert” button to transcode/convert GoPro 4K MP4 video to AIC .mov for iMovie. Once the conversion is finished, click “Open” button to get the exported files and then import the converted GoPro Hero5 4K files to iMovie for additional editing a breeze.

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